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Understanding the Coffee Roasting

The coffee is processed and dried after it is collected. The beans have a green color and a grassy flavor before the roasting is done. The green coffee beans do not smell like coffee at all. After the roasting, between 800 and 1000 aroma compound are formed. The chemical compound formed are the ones that are responsible for the character in the coffee. The type of the flower the final coffee will have is dependent on the roasting profiling that is used.

Roasting brings chemical change as the beans are rapidly brought to a high temperature. When perfection is achieved, the beans are dried rapidly to stop the chemical process from continuing. Roasted beans smell like coffee and weighs less because the moisture has been roasted out. When the beans are roasted, they are ready to ground and brew. To prevent the aroma from disappearing; you should ensure that you use the roasted beans as soon as possible.

Coffee roasting and brewing require training and experience. You have to make multiple decisions. The first and the most crucial step is finding the coffee beans. The production of coffee in North America is low. Most of the coffee consumed here is imported. However, it is a challenge to find the best coffee. However, a company such as the InterContinental Coffee Trading help in the importation of the best coffee to the different roasters in North America. The company has a wide variety, and you can visit them to view, click here to learn more.

Coffee roasting involves three main stages. The first step involves drying of the coffee beans. The coffee contains a humidity of about 10% and need to be dried for about six minutes. This process needs to be done carefully so that you do not burn the beans.

The next procedure is browning. The process is done in a temperature of over 160 degrees. The aroma precursors are converted to the aroma compounds. In this stage, drying continue. The aroma is formed when the sugar and the amino acid react. The last stage is the development stage. The process needs to be done by a second person to prevent a sharp flavor. The process takes about 20 percent of the entire process.

There are multiple kinds of roast. Light roast is done for a short time and is suitable for the milder coffee varieties. Medium roast is medium brown and a stronger flavor. The dark roast, on the other hand, produces shiny black beans with an oily surface and a has a pronounced bitterness. Your preference determines the choice of the roast that you are going to choose. The strength of the caffeine in the light roast is a bit higher compared to the dark roast.; a lot of people think that the dark coffee has more caffeine

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